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Nickel Electroplating

Nickel is plated for many reasons. First and foremost, nickel provides a decorative appearance due to its ability to cover imperfections in the basis metal (leveling). Nickel deposits can be made brilliant and, when covered by a thin layer of decorative chromium, will maintain their brilliance even under severe conditions. Satin nickel under bright or dark chromium offers a wide range of decorative appearances. When multi-layers of nickel are applied, excellent corrosion protection can also be achieved. This requires plating two (duplex) or more different kinds of nickel (semi-bright and bright nickel for duplex; high-potential and particle nickel). Nickel deposits also offer more wearability than softer metals such as copper or zinc and thus can be used when wear resistance is needed. Because nickel is magnetic, it can sometimes be plated where the ability to be magnetized is needed. Finally, nickel can be made to plate with little or no stress and is therefore used for electroforming or aerospace applications where stress needs to be held to a minimum. Depending upon the application, many of these requirements are specified simultaneously, so that nickel is often plated for more than just one reason.

Bright or satin nickel plating, used by itself or with other nickel deposits, is used extensively in automotive applications such as on plated wheels, bright trim, truck exhausts, bumpers and restorations. One or more layers of nickel is also used on motorcycles and bicycles, and on hardware, such as hand tools. In the home, bright or satin nickel is used on plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, appliances and wire goods (racks). Nickel is also used for tubing applications such as on furniture and wheel chairs. Most of these applications for nickel/chromium rely on these deposits to achieve the parts decorative appearance with corrosion protection and wearability.

Nickel is also used for engineering purposes where brightness is not the primary factor. For example, nickel is used on molds to provide wearability. As a barrier layer, nickel is plated on coins, jewelry and circuit boards. On strip steel and in aerospace applications, it is used for low stress or for resizing. And nickel is used in composites where a dispersed inorganic is codeposited (such as silicon carbide). Most engineering applications use sulfamate nickel, although nickel-plated strip steel uses a nickel chloride/nickel sulfate bath.




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