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Chongqing gradually Becomes a Manufacturing Center City

Recently, the State Council declared ‘Made in China 2025’, the first ten-year guideline for China to become a  powerful manufacturing country.


As an old industrial base, Chongqing’s gross industrial output value exceeds two trillion yuan, keeping more than 30% increase in profit in industrial enterprises for many years.


In the first 5 months this year,the output of automotive production in Chongqing raises 22.5% while electronics manufacturing 13.7%, material industry 14.1%.Meanwhile,Chongqing scale industrial production growth increases 11%. According to the key indicators of industrial economic development speed, Chongqing has been ranking the top in the country for five consecutive years.


The developing speed of Chongqing is getting fast with better benefits. Under the pressure that the national economy falls down in the first five months this year, Chongqing scale industrial enterprises profits increased 23.3%.


Speed and Benefit of ‘Made in Chongqing’ are Growing Together


In the first 5 months in 2015, the average sales volume of the whole line of  own-brand cars of Chongqing CHANGAN Auto rose 17% while CS75 sales rose 30 times and CS35 70%.

The outstanding achievement of CHANGAN indicates the prosperous developing trend in automotive industry in Chongqing. The Municipal Statistics Bureau shows that in 2014, the number of 2.63 million auto productions made Chongqing become the largest auto production base while it has already been the largest instrument and apparatus production base, the research and development base of inland river ships and the large transformer production base in China. The production number of autos in the first 5 months in Chongqing is 1.291 million. Among the sales of the top 10 cars and SUVs, 5 are produced in Chongqing.


To grow along with automotive industry in Chongqing, the electronic industry develops at full speed.In 2014, Chongqing totally produced 61 million notebooks and 3 million tablet PCs which took up 1/3 of the global notebooks production volume. Chongqing electronic industry output value reached 500 billion yuan represented by notebooks. Since this year, Chongqing electronics industry kept growing positively and had steady production growth of 60.8% in mobile phones and 45.8% in monitors. Besides, LCD and integrated circuit production rate had multiplied.


Meanwhile, the top big emerging industry cluster quickly gathered such as electronic core parts, iot, robot and intelligent equipment. In the first 5 months this year, SK Hynix chip encapsulate implementation output value reached 740 million yuan. According to the current progress, the scale of the top ten emerging industry cluster is expected to exceed 150 billion yuan.


Chongqing Economic and Information Commission shows that from January to May this year, Chongqing scale industrial enterprise totally completed 792.91 billion yuan output value with 13.0% increase. From 2010 to 2014, Chongqing industrial production grew by an average of 19.6% a year. The 11% increase of the added value growth rate of the scale industry and 517.58 billion yuan of the added value of the whole industry made 43.1% contribution to the economic growth which increased GDP 4.7%. The added value growth rate of scale industry kept ranking top 5 in China.


The improvement of quality and benefit of ‘Made in Chongqing’grow along with speed and scale. The statistics shows that in the first 4 months this year, Chongqing industry enterprises realized the increase of 24% in total profit. From 2010 to 2014, Chongqing industry enterprises profit grew by an average of 26.7%, 7.1% higher than the same period GDP growth and the scale enterprise profit reached 6.4%.


The high efficiency of ‘Made in Chongqing’is closely related to the 10 decades industrial base and the excellent production resources. Of course it is also important to get support from the Municipal Party Committee, Chongqing Government.



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