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Chongqing as Top 5 Central City in China Makes Great Influence to the World


In the ‘The national urban system planning’ drawn by MOHURD recently, Chongqing becomes Top 5 central city in China. From then on, Chongqing will make great influence to the world as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, and Guangzhou does in politics, economics and culture, etc scopes.

Advantage 1: Indispensable Regional Function


Li Yong, the researcher at the Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences indicates that Chongqing, located in the center of the west region, is taking great advantage in geography. Si Chuan Province Government orders Suining, Dazhou,etc. altogether 6 cities to actively join Chongqing to share preferential policy which shows the indispensable regional function of Chongqing.

Advantage 2: Open to the World and Join the Global Competition.


In 2009, Chongqing made use of USD4.04 billion foreign investment and 146.8 billion domestic capital and respectively increased 47.7% and 74.2%. Major breakthroughs were made in processing trade and service trade thus greatly improving overseas investment development.

In 2009, the freight volume of Chongqing import and export exceeded 6 million tons with 65% regional customs clearance volume.

The cooperation of Sichuan, Chongqing and Shanxi, Chongqing and Shanghai, Chongqing and Guangdong is strengthened. Chongqing reached 870 million material volume in rebuilding Chongzhou, Sichuan. It also developed closer financial and trading cooperation with Honkong, Macau and Taiwan regions. Chongqing is opening to more countries and regions that enables it better gather resources home and abroad.


Advantege 3: International Gateway of Transportation, Traffic, Logistics and Information Flow in the Whole Western Region


So far, Chongqing is rapidly developing service economy and promoting deep integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry. It aims to make stronger financial insurance industry and the Jiefangbei and Jiangbeizui financial center, establish‘three base and four port’ and Wanzhou, Fuling logistics hubs, introduce and cultivate competitive logistic enterprises, develop multimodal transport and e-commerce, organize exhibition enterprise alliance, integrate well-known exhibition brands, promote exhibition industry and cultivate Chongqing Industry Service Port and Five Li Shop Industry Design Technology Park.


This year, the major city is developing the suburban area. With the purpose to build a national central city with one thousand sq . km and 10 million population, Chongqing will accelerate the development of the northern new district and the western , eastern and southern area. In the meanwhile, Chongqing will orderly promote the population and industry extension to the suburban area to make new functional group as soon as possible.


Advantage 4: Take Over National Strategic or Economic Functions


The financial business grows rapidly in the recent years and Chongqing gradually shows its financial center functions. Although IT industry is not totally organized by the country, it serves its national strategic industry function.

Chongqing closely combined growth and structure arrangement and revitalized key industry adjustment. Industry investment reached 179.3 billion yuan as industrial output rose by 18.5%. It actively took initiative to undertake domestic and international industry transfer and introduced 36 million HP notebooks and a series of projects of Foxconn, Quanta, Inventec.

Changan entered the front line of China auto industry with 1.86 million sales volume. A series of projects including Chongqing steel production capacity of 2 million tons wide plate production line, Isuzu Ⅲ100P light commercial vehicles, Peng Wei petrochemical PTA project, Chongqing Chemical&Pharmaceutical 450 thousand tons of synthetic ammonia and 800 thousand tons of urea were are completed.

As the rapid development of financial business with 31.2% increase, taking 6% of the GDP, the banking, securities, insurance and other financial resources accelerated the agglomeration. Guarantee, lease and equity funds, etc developed at fast speed. Therefore, Citigroup, Evergrowing Bankk, OCBC Bank set up branches in Chongqing and HP Asia Pacific settlement center also set office here. It is reported that 10.5 billion corporate bond was issued and 8.3 billion direct financing of listing of a company had been made. The exhibition industry also developed quickly with 36% increase of direct income.

The first Western China Tourism Industry Expo was successfully held and greatly promoted tourism big project. Technical innovation project was initiated. 23 major scientific and technological projects were implemented. 150 crucial techniques were solved. The quantity of the patent authorization rose 56%. More than 500 High-tech products were added and the production rate of new products reached 32.8%.

The 11th China Association for Science and Technology annual meeting and Chongqing International famous organizations meeting were successfully held. The National Academy of Telecommunication Research West Branch was set in Chongqing. 10 strategic alliances of industry technical innovation were established and innovation integration ability got promoted. 1220 talents are recruited and marked achievements of the talent team construction could be seen.

This year, Chongqing will spare no effort to develop HP, Foxconn, Quanta and Inventec notebooks project, Changan Yu zuibase, comprehensive automotive test site and Chongqing Changzheng Heavy Industry locomotive project; foster wind, UHV AC power transmission and transformation and equipment manufacturing industry chain of rail transit; build Chongqing Steel 6 million tons quality steel products base, southwest aluminum large aircraft supporting material base; start MDI integration project, finish 200 billion yuan industrial investment and realize 1 trillion total industrial output value; promote industry gathering; foster hundred-billion-level and ten-billion-level parks; plan to start ‘Jiangnan Industry Corridor’; take initiative to face new industrial technology revolution and foster new energy vehicles, IOT, wind power, new materials and other strategic emerging industries.

Advantage 5: Policy Experimental Area of National Deep Reformation

Since 1978, Chongqing was developing new areas of Yangtze River and Jialing River as new national strategic civic reform after Shenzhen, Pudong new area and Coastal new region.

Wantai Hu, the secretary of Chongiqng Municipal Bureau for Urban Planning indicates that upgrading Chongqing as the national central city is on the basis of Chinese economic development. As the trend that cities are moving to the west, the development of Chongqing also needs to lead the whole west region.


It is an opportunity as well as a challenge


Wantai Hu said that Chongqing is designed as the national central city is an opportunity as well as a challenge. Chonqing can catch this opportunity to develop projects.

However, compared to the planning orientation of the national central city, it has to see the distance and try its best to bridge the gap. Chongqing is not yet a real national central city though it is planned to be.

He deems that Chongqing as a regional central city , its economic scale and influence is not that great which means Chongqing needs to develop economy and expand its regional influence.

In addition, Chongqing also needs to make efforts to improve its urban planning and spacial development. For example, in the 90s, during the great development in Shanghai, it made perfect layout and planning for airports, seaports, heavy industry base, high-tech industrial base and transportation hub in very short time thus forming healthy and integrated development system in Shanghai.


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