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Welcome to the online registration page for SF EXPO !

Please fill in all necessary information as follows and submit it. PRINT the finished form and bring it to the registration counter during exhibition period.

▪Admission is free of charge and for trade visitors only. (Persons under 18 will not be admitted)

▪According to the general requirements of China's prevention and control of COVID-19, overseas visitors must pre-register the real name in advance. Please fill in the following contents carefully or E-mail to . Thank you for your cooperation!

Basic Information
*Name:   Title:  Mr. Ms.
*Company Name:   *Job Title:  
Country:   State/Province:  
City:   Zip Code:  
*Address:   *Tel:  
Fax:   *Mobile:  
*E-mail:   Website:  
  *1.How do you know our exhibition? (One choice)
   Invitation letter from exhibitor     Publications    Newspaper  
   Billboard / street signage           Ticket              Business associates   
   Government agencies / trade associations            Internet   
   Others,please specify:
  *2.Your company is:
   Manufacturer               Agent/Distributor     Trader    
   Government organs     Research institutions
   Public Utilities               Others,please specify:
  *3.What industry does your company belong to?
  *4.Your position in the company is:
   Senior management            Consultant    Design
   Research&Development      Production   
   Engineering/maintenance    Procurement    Sales&Marketing   
    Others,please specify:
  *5.The annual turnover is(RMB):
   2,000,000     2,010,000-10,000,000     10,010,000-50,000,000  
   More than 50,000,000
  *6.What products are you interested in:
    Surface Finishing Materials             Surface Finishing Equipments
   Electroplating Raw Materials           Electroplating Addictives
   Electroplating, Clean Equipments    Coating, Spraying Equipments     
   Testing Instruments and Equipments
   Grinding and Polishing Equipments & Materials
   Sandblasting and Shotblast Equipments
   Vacuum Evaporation Coating Equipments
   Electroplating, Clean Equipments    Surface Finishing Process
    Others,please specify:
  *7.What's your purpose of attending the exhibition:
   Visit suppliers           Seek representation   To purchase  
   Gather information   Evaluate for exhibiting in the future
    Others,please specify:
  *Code: 1870      

 China Electroplating Association

 China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch

 Chongqing Surface Engineering Association 

 Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Society 

 Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. 

 Chongqing Painting Industry Association 


 Chongqing Electroplating Industry Association 

 Sichuan Province Surface Engineering Industry Association

 Electroplating Industry Association of Hunan Province

USA Powder Coating Institute

Singapore Surface Engineering Association

Metal Finishers' Association of India

Brazilian Surface Finishing Association

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