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New Exhibits in SF EXPO


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Langtech (Guangzhou) Machinery Co.,Ltd.
 WY Bell Rotating Cup,  MARK-012 Automatic Electrostatic Powder Spray Gun
 Polishing Film/Paper, Sponge Leather Polishing Film/Belt
 The Second Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation
 Electronic Components Plating Production Line,  Semiconductor Precision Plating Equipment
 Huizhou Potencer Chemicals Co., Ltd.
 Degreasing Agent, Nickel Stripper, Wax Solvent, Additives
 Dongguan HongCun Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
 Circular Vertical Line for ABS plating, Metal Finishing, etc, Gantry Electroplating Production Line
 METAKEM Preclous Metals + Electrochemistry

Products and Processes for Precious Metals Chemistry and Eletrochemistry

Rhodium-Decor-S2, Palladium Compounds, Platinum-DNS

 Shenzhen Fujiada Ultrasonic Equipment Co.,Ltd.
 Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, Anodic Oxidation Equipment
 Beijing Savemation Technology Co.,Ltd.
 SMT-4 Temperature Tracker for Coatings, SMT-7 Temperature Tracker for Coatings
 Wuhan Jadechem Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
 Water Soluble Zinc Brightener 808, Zincate Zinc Plating Brightener 629, Blue-Bright Trivalent Chromium Passivation CR-B4N
 XiaXian Yunli Chemical Co.,Ltd.
 Chromium(III)nitrate, nonahydrate, Chromium Trichloride
 Menzerna, Finishing Wheel
 Chongqing Goldings Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
 GRACO (Fluid Handling Systems and Components)
 Dongguan Dalingshan Weijun Hardware Hanger Product Facotry
 Hangers for plating, spraying, coating, etc.
 Ji'nan Diligence Technology Co.,Ltd.
 Outstanding Performance Cyanide-Free Alkaline Zinc Plating Process, Innovative Functional Zinc-Nickel/Zinc-Iron Alloy Plating Process
 EPP Coatings
 Cathodic Eletrophoretic Process, New Decorative Finish for ABS/Plastics and Heat Sensitive Substrates
 Special Coatings (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.
 Drum Coating Equipment and Customized Lacquering and Coating Material for the Decorative
 Nano-Coating Process for High Corrosion Resistance
 Wuxi Gongyuan Machinery Co.,Ltd.
 GF Type Dissolved Air Flotation, GQF Type High-effective Dissolved Air Flotation
 Guangdong SunGlobe Cleaning Technology Co.,Ltd.
 Cleaning Agents

 Wuhan Easy-Sight Technology Co.,Ltd.

 Pipeline Robot X5-S3, Pipeline Sonar Inspection System X4
 Zhejiang Hi-Tech Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.
 Water Purification Device
 Intensive Metal Technology Co.,Ltd.
 Plastic Electroplating Process
 Suzhu Qiao Tai Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.
 Pump, Dosing Pump, PH/ORP Meter
 Dongguan Xinliguang Surface Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd.
 Anti-fog Coating Line, Bumper Cover Coating Line
 Wuxi Xinyi Painting Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd.
 Automatic Plating Lines, 3D Modeling, Automatic Control System
 Guangzhou Panyu Longtai Plastic Products Factory
 Plastic Ball Valve
 Mariso Corporation
 Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge, Elcometer 506 Adhesion Tester Kit
 Zirconium Silane Coating Agent, Hydrophilic Coating Agent
 Guangzhou Powerly Electric Co.,Ltd.
 Shenzhen Syane Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.
 Paint Mist Purification Recycling Machine
 BEVS Industrial Co.,Ltd.
 Testing Equipment For Paint, Coating & Ink
 Jiangsu New Daqi Metal Material Science And Technology Co.,Ltd.
 Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shoot
 Shenzhen Hotred Plating Equipment Co.,Ltd.
 Plating Production Line
 Zhejiang PENTATOMIC Science and Technology Inc.
 Metal Workpiece Pre-Coating Zirconium/Silane Composite Agent
 Biological Coating Mist Coagulant
 Metal Workpiece Neutral Rust Remover
 Metal Workpiece Pre-coating SAMs Agent
 Wood (Wood Based Panel) Powder Electrostatic Spraying Production Line
 Nano Photocatalytic Plasma Synergistic Degradation of the Coating Waste Gas System
 Intelligence Eletrophoresis Experiment Power
 Agent for the United States KEY Group
 Artek Surfin Chemicals Ltd.

 Electroplating Additives Phosphating and Anodising Chemicals,

 Plating Intermediate Chemicals and Raw Materials

 Norilsk Nickel
 Norilsk Nickel Cut Cathodes 1"x1", Norilsk Nickel Sulphate
 Anti-corrosion Oil

China Electroplating Association
China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch
Chongqing Surface Engineering Association
Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Society
Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd.

Sichuan Province Surface Engineering Industry Association
Guizhou Province Equipment Manufacturing Association Surface Engineering Branch
Guiyang Surface Engineering Industry Association
Guangxi Province Surface Engineering Industry Association

China Auto Parts Supplies Association

Hong Kong Surface Finishing Society

China Surface Engineering, Electroplating Associations

The Surface Engineering Industry Association in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou

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