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Exhibition Preview - Water Based Industrial Paint - Green Earth Chemical

The 12th Guangzhou International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition is scheduled to 17-19 May 2017 in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. Green Earth Chemical  will showcase Water based industrial paint series and Water equipment paint series.


                               Green Earth Chemical                                       


Guangdong Green Earth Chemical Co., Ltd.
Booth: 1A758
Website: www.gdlsdd.com


Guangdong Green Earth Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech enterprises specializing in R & D, production, sales and service in one company, based on lofty, pioneering and innovative, in the field of water-based paint (water-based automotive paint, water-based mechanical equipment paint, water-based paint, water-based paint, water-based paint Crafts) have industry breakthrough. Adhere to only the dispersion of water-based paint, ultra-low VOC emissions. All to contribute to the future of the green earth! Determined to become the leader of water-based industrial paint.


Green Earth Chemical Co., the promotion is not only the product, even in a model of innovation, increase the well-being of society as a whole set of solutions; Green Earth Chemical Co. Ltd. to increase social welfare, improve the living standards of the people as the foundation of this, the company plans to support the global common prosperity and continued to improve the company for health, environmental protection, safety and environmental standards, and commitment to its employees and customers the highest safety and health standards.



Water based industrial paint series:
1. Flat paint
2. Corrugated paint
3. Orange peel paint
4. Hammer paint
5. Crack lacquer
6. Sand paint
7. Antique art paint

Water equipment paint series
1. Automotive paint
2. Truck paint
3. Equipment paint
4. Auto parts paint
5. General hardware paint



Green earth water paint, ultra low VOC emissions. With the highest safety and health for the purpose. With excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, good adhesion construction performance and good impact and wear resistance and other characteristics. Scope of application: automotive, passenger cars, modified cars, chassis parts, large equipment, machine tools, precision instruments, medical equipment, general hardware and other surface coating.






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