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Exhibition Preview - Nickel Acetate and Nickel Sulfamate Solution from Xingzhong Technology

SF EXPO -the 12th Guangzhou International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition is scheduled to 17-19 May 2017 in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. Xingzhong Technology will showcase Nickel acetate and Nickel Sulfamate Solution.


                               Jiangxi Nuclear Industry Xingzhong Technology Co.Ltd.                               

Jiangxi Nuclear Industry Xingzhong Technology Co.Ltd.
Booth: 1A818
Website: www.hgyxzkj.com


Company Introduction:
Jiangxi nuclear industry Xingzhong Technology Co., Ltd. committed to the production and research in nickel salt, cobalt salt, copper salt, iron salt, solar electronic paste and other chemicals, the qualities of nickel sulfminate solution, nickel carbonate, nickel acetate, cobalt acetate are leading domistic and cometing with the abroad similar producs as our main production applied in electroplating surface processing industry widely. Xingzhong Technology is the exclusive company which drafted the national standard of nickel sulfaminate solution.



1. Nickel acetate


With high nickel content and purity,uniform particle, the solution is transparent and clear after the dissolution .This product has been widely used in the production of aluminum surface treatment of high  temperature sealant,best-selling domestic and foreign


2. Nickel Sulfamate Solution


High purity,very low impurity content,excellent cost performance and plating effect.Organized and drafted the national standard exclusively,widely used in pcb plating,terminal connector plating,precise plating,electroforming



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