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Exhibition Preview - HTechMT and ELCOMETER Testing Equipment from Tintron

SF EXPO -the 12th Guangzhou International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition is scheduled to 17-19 May 2017 in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. Tintron will showcase AT200 Digital High-precision Adhesion Tester and HT200 Pencil Hardness, Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge.


       Guangzhou Tintron Equipment Co., Ltd                    

Guangzhou Tintron Equipment Co., Ltd
Booth: 1A746
Website: www.tintron.cn


Company Introduction:

Tintron group was founded in 2001, established a close relationship with Germany, Britain, the United States and other foreign well-known manufacturers, engaging in various testing equipment selling as agent, technical development, technical support and customer after-sale service; periodical tracking of operation questions and quality problems of sold products; serving as a link, a virtual bridge between customers and manufacturers; delivering new products, new added services to customers in a timely manner while reflecting the product using and problems to the manufacturers.

Tintron provides construction guarantee and professional technical services to the coating industry, paint industry, oil and gas, shipbuilding, automobile, steel structures, pipelines, bridges, electric power, chemical industry, water conservancy, metallurgy, and other industries, to meet the production requirements and quality control of our customers.

Tintron is professional sales agent for HTechMT from Germany and ELCOMETER from British. HTechMT registered in Western germany city Ruhr. HTechMT concentrates on the development of high precision surface and surface coating detection equipment, a series of testing instruments in coating & painting and surface treatment industry, and provides personalized products and services to the customers with special requirements.

Company website: http://www.htech-mt.de. German HTechMT will follow the step of British ELCOMETER joints the majority of users and become the backbone of quality assurance.

The main products Tintron carries for,
1.Digital Mechanical High Precision Adhesion Tester, Digital Automatic Pencil Hardness Tester, Dew Point Meter, Wet Film Thickness Tester, Surface Profile Gauge, Textex Tape, PIG Thickness Tester, Salt Tester and various Standards from German company HTechMT,
2.456 Coating Thickness Tester, Surface Profile Gauge, Dew Point Meter, Electric Spark Leak Detector, Salt Tester, Adhesion Tester from English brand ELCOMETER,
3.On-line Electric Spark Leak Detector from American company SPY,
4.Ultrasonic Thickness Meter and Flaw Detector from English company SONATEST,
5.Ultrasonic Thickness Meter, Flaw Detector and Hardness Tester from German brand K.K,
6.Ultrasonic Thickness Meter from American company DAKOTA
7.Raytek Infrared Thermometer from American PAYTEK



1. AT200 Digital High-precision Adhesion Tester


A dolly adhered to the coating is used to measure the adhesion between the substrate and coating.


2. HT200 Pencil Hardness


Graphite pencils of varying hardness values are often used for the evaluation of the hardness of a coating. In a typical test, the pencil is maintained at a constant angle of 45o to the surface and a force of 0-10 N is applied while moving the pencil. It is essential to maintain a constant moving speed for a reliable measurement. The digital pencil hardness tester HT200 was designed for precise and reliable measurements.


3.Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge


The Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge sets new standards; 

providing reliable and accurate coating thickness measurements; 

helping you to become more efficient.
The Elcometer 456 dry film thickness gauge is available in three different models. 

Each coating thickness gauge provides the user with increasing functionality from the entry level Elcometer 456 Model B, 

to the top of the range Elcometer 456 Model T.

Integral coating thickness gauges are ideal for single handed operation as the wide footprint of the Bigfoot internal probe 

provides greater stability during coating thickness measurement, allowing for consistent, repeatable and accurate dry film thickness results.

Separate coating thickness gauge models, with their wide range of probes, provide even greater dry film thickness 

Compatible with ElcoMaster® software and ElcoMaster® Mobile App, individual coating thickness measurements can be

transferred via USB or Bluetooth® to PC or a mobile device for analysis and instant report generation.


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