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Exhibition Preview - Potencer Chemicals

The 12th Guangzhou International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition is scheduled to 17-19 May 2017 in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. Potencer Chemicals will showcase the latest products.


       Huizhou Potencer Chemicals Co, Ltd.             

Huizhou Potencer Chemicals Co, Ltd.
Booth: 1A548
Website: www.potencer.com


Company Introduction:

Potencer Chemical, established in Taiwan in 1986, is a professional supplier for metal finishing products and professional cleaners.  We manufacture and distribute in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar, Malaysia, with diversified products widely used for electroplating, painting and coating, aluminum anodizing and coloring, food and beverage processing, and institutional cleaning.

Strategy:Customer service——Go the extra mile for our customers offer unparalleled standards of customer service from pre-sale to after-sales support;Quality——Tailor our products to precisely meer the unique demands of each and every customer;Products——Customize product portfolio to fit the individual needs of each different market;Sales—— Extend our sales networks to provide a speedy and convenient service throughout our territories;R & D——Improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of our entire product range through constant innovation;Manufacturing——Maintain flexibility in manufacturing systems in order to improve efficiency and reduce time to market as well as reducing our environmental footprint;HR :lnvest in people——create a learning environment and cultivate an enthusiastic and dedicated workforce.

Today, Potencer is proud of its place as one of the leading brands in our field. We aim to consolidate this position of position of strength and to become a key player in the global market in the future.






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