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China International Surface Engineering Forum 2018 & The 14th Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Forum First Round Notice

China International Surface Engineering Forum 2018 & The 14th Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Forum

First Round Notice

(Chongqing·China   May 2018)


Innovation and development, coordinated development, green development, open development, sharing development is the only way to the developing of surface finishing industry in our country. In order to accelerate the development of surface finishing industry healthy development, continue to promote modern manufacturing boom in our country, China Surface Engineering Association and Chongqing Science & Technology Association decide to held on China International Surface Engineering Forum 2018 & The 14th Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Forum, in order to build up the southwestern China surface finishing academic technical exchange platform especially, the majority of surface finishing industry enterprises and experts provide excellent opportunities for exchange and cooperation also. The Forum will appeal from the United States, Britain, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India and other foreign experts to join, and bring in a wonderful report, welcome the domestic and international experts and the industry elite to join the forum in surface finishing industry.


The Forum Topic: Face to the Future Green Ecological Surface Engineering Technology.

This Forum held simultaneously:

Chongqing (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition 2018 ( May 9-11, 2018, Chongqing International Expo Center)



1.Conference Organization

Organizers:Chongqing Science and Technology Association                  China Surface Engineering Association

Executive Organizer: Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Society     Chongqing Surface Engineering Association

                   Chongqing University                                  Sichuan Science and Engineering College

                   Chongqing Liberal Arts College                          Chongqing Technology College

Assist Organizer:(Random List)

  Beijing Surface Engineering Society             Beijing  Aeronautics and Astronautics University
Shanghai Electroplating Association                 Tianjin Electroplating Engineering Society
Guangdong Electroplating Association               Fujian Surface Engineering Association
Sichuan Surface Engineering Industry Association     Sichuan Corrosion and Corrosion Protection Society
Hunan Electroplating Industry Association           Jinhua Electroplating Association
Shenzhen Industrial Surface Finishing Association     Dalian Surface Engineering Association
Wuhan Electroplating Association                   Suzhou Electroplating Association
Shenyang Surface Engineering Association           Taiyuan Surface Engineering Association
Lanzhou Forging Heat Treatment Electroplating Association

2.Conference Time and Location

Conference Time:May 8-11,2018, Location will be on other Notice.

3.Conference Report

Conference invited domestic and foreign well-known experts, technical authority to do the conference theme report, mainly including:

1)Face to surface finishing enterprises’ innovation and development;

2)PCB plating technology development at home and abroad;

3)Face to the Future Green Ecological Surface Engineering Technology;

4)Connector, connector plating present situation and development;

5)Under the new normal vehicle surface engineering technology development;

6)Equip industrial green surface engineering technology;

7)Equip corrosion environment test and evaluation;

8)Recycling technology in surface finishing parks;


It will hold the following topic during the conference period:

1)Surface finishing green ecological development present situation and developing trend at home and abroad;

 2) Development and industrialization application without cyanide electroplating at home and abroad;

3)The present situation of the new nano coating technology development and applications;

 4) Surface finishing new techniques, new technologies, new materials, new equipment, including hexavalent chromium reduction technology road-map, MID electroplating, plating, printing of electronic technology, bulge MEMS electroplating, PCB, plating, electronic connectors, composite electroplating, hot dip plating, conversion coating, coating (spray) paint, special coating, vacuum and plasma/vapor deposition technology, etc;

5) Light metals and their alloys (aluminum and aluminum alloy, magnesium and magnesium alloy, titanium and titanium alloy) plating technology;

6) Plastic electroplating, ceramics, glass and other functional electroplating;

7) Surface finishing special material, plating solution analysis and purification, the surface processing quality control and testing technology, etc;

8) Surface finishing production management, environment control and clean production technology;

9) Mechanical and electrical products manufacturing;

10) Construction and development in surface finishing parks;

4.Submit Matters

1、Conference Thesis

Thesis were an unlimited range of topics, project review, industry overview, experimental study and application of technology and product upgrading report etc. Meeting will selected papers to collection and use for communication meeting in CD form. Layout paper is not charged fees, but unity in accordance with the following requirements:

(1) Electronic submission, do not accept paper copy;

(2)  Please attach paper behind with the first author's brief introduction: date of birth, contact information, telephone number, E-mail address and the research direction of information, in order to contact;

(3) Thesis collection date: please turn in your paper before April 30, 2018, electronic version to send email in (ldhgh@126.com), please indicate the conference papers;

(4) Best Paper Selection: Conference will be awarded "excellent paper" : two person for first prize, three person for second prize, five person for third prize, the selection of "best paper" will be awarded certificate, and give certain material rewards.

2、Conference Report

Please communicate with the staff of the organizing committee report direction and topic, the PPT/PDF electronic documents Email send to ldhgh@126.com or sfacq@163.com before April 10, Email subject please indicate "< name > 2018 annual report". Paper submitted and apply for forum report see attachment 1.


5.Sign Up

Fill out the receipt back to the organizing committee, also can sign up by phone directly. Before April 10, 2018, with the receipt to priority arrange accommodation, around the exhibition period there is no guarantee that accommodations (receipt in attachment 2).


Relevant matters: The conference hold on the concurrent with Chongqing (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition 2018, which joint held by China Electroplating Association, China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch, Chongqing Surface Engineering Association, Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Society, Chongqing Painting Industry Association, and Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. The exhibition is approved by UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), conference participant will be free to visit the exhibition.


6.Relate to Cost

Conference Fee: RMB 500 / person, accommodation and transportation fee by self-paying.

7. Contact the Organizing Committee

Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Society, Chongqing Surface Engineering Association

   Address: 9th floor Zhibo Center,Er Lang Ying Bin Road, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing

Post No.:400041

Contact: Zhong Qi Hong 13500382121;        Wu Hong  13896106040;

         Chai Pei Ru  18883856202;         Luo Hong 15310918322;

Phone:023-61069109                         Phone: 023-66421373

Fax: 023-61069106                          Website: www.sfacq.cn

Participant Receipt E-mail: sfacq@163.com    Submission E-mail:ldhgh@126.com 


                             Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Society

Chongqing Surface Engineering Association

                                        Dec 5, 2017


Attachment 1:

Submission Receipt

Thesis Topic 




Corresponding Author


Job Title






Participant Subject

Make Choice by√)

Wish to be Conference Report

Conference Exchange data only

Participant Conference





Attachment 2:

                              Participant Receipt









Working Enterprise


Main Skill


Webchat No.


Post Address


Post No.






Mobile(Must Fill)




Thesis Topic

No need to fill by participant conference only

Accommodation Requirement



Attendees please fill out the application form,  telephone: 023-61069106; Fax: 023-61069106; E-mail address: sfacq@163.com

Topic Keywords: surface engineering   Forum   Thesis  Notice



China Electroplating Association
China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch
Chongqing Surface Engineering Association
Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Society
Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd.

Sichuan Province Surface Engineering Industry Association
Guizhou Province Equipment Manufacturing Association Surface Engineering Branch
Guiyang Surface Engineering Industry Association
Guangxi Province Surface Engineering Industry Association

China Auto Parts Supplies Association

Hong Kong Surface Finishing Society

China Surface Engineering, Electroplating Associations

The Surface Engineering Industry Association in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou

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