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2018 Chongqing Surface Finishing & Environmental Protection Exhibition are complete closing! Don't say goodbye, Date on 2019!

2018 Chongqing Surface Finishing & Environmental Protection Exhibition are complete closing! Don't say goodbye, Date on 2019!

The three-day show that Chongqing (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition 2018 & Chongqing (China) International Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Exhibition on May 9-11 is complete closed today! The Weather chills and fever did not affect everybody's enthusiasm, the show is keeping busy all the time!

There are more than one hundred leaders from government and association to attend on the opening ceremony. The leaders are including Yu Guo Dong-Deputy Director from Chongqing Environmental Protection Bureau, Yang Jin Tian-Deputy Chief Engineer from National Ecological Environmental Planning Institute, Ma Jie-Chairman from China Electroplating Association, Wu Wei Ling-General Secretary from China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch, Zhang Cheng-Senior Engineer from Chongqing Economic and Information Commission, Shen Xiao Juan-Senior Engineer from Chongqing Urban and Rural Construction Committee, Li Yang Xi-Vice President and Secretary General, Chen Sheng Liang-Vice President from Chongqing Environmental Protection Industry Association, Hu Guo Hui-President from Chongqing Surface Engineering Association, Li Wen Tao-Secretary General from Chongqing Painting Industry Association, Ou Zhong Wen-Chairman from Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Society, Fan Wen Bin-Chairman from Shan Xi Environmental Protection Industry Association, Ma Guo Rong-Secretary General and He Peng-Vice Secretary from Shan Xi Environmental Protection Industry Association, Zhong You Zhao-Chairman from Si Chuan Surface Engineering Association, Li Ren Li-Chairman from Xi An Surface Engineering Association, An Dan-Senior Engineer and Wu Hai Yan-Office Director from He Nan Environmental Protection Industry Association, Lin Xiu Zhou-Dean from Si Chuan Science and Engineering College,  Zhang Zhi-General Manager from Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd , the Executive Director of Guangdong Exhibition Association, etc.

Under the much-anticipated, salute bloom, warm atmosphere also indicates the success of this exhibition!

Speech made by Mr. Yu Guo Dong-Deputy Director from Chongqing Environmental Protection Bureau

Speech made by Mr. Ma Jie-Chairman from China Electroplating Association

Speech made by Mr. Zhang Zhi-General Manager from Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd

There are many visitors on scene, CROWDS around each booth, roadway, and entrance, editor always get lost in huge crowds.

High quality exhibitors, shining No.1 exhibition in the Industry, add radiance and beauty to industrial exhibitors!

There are 291 exhibit enterprises at home and abroad to add radiance and beauty, bring a industry feast to the visitors on scene! The enterprises are including CONVENTYA, LiDao, Juke, Zhongshan Joihey, Taiwa Riyi,  MACDERLUN, ZhongDian Er Suo, EAN SHENG, DengAo, HuaChuang, KunHua, Weixun, XinLiGuang, MingYi Coating, NanHai XinHuanBao, Hanze, XinYi, JianZhe, DingYuan, JiDe, JunJie, WAGNER, WuHan TianHong, Qingdao HuashiJie, TianYiJi, GongYuan, JinKaiDi, SuZhou XLAN-TECH, THE NEW YORK BLOWER, JinShiDun, etc.

Many purchasing group visit,  A continuous stream of big Buyers.

There are many visiting group arrive to visit and purchase on scene, such as China Electroplating Association, China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch, Chongqing ChangAn Automobile Co., Ltd, ChangAn Industry Group, Chongqing ChangAn Ford Automobile Co.,Ltd, Saic Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd, Chongqing Construction Industry Group Co., Ltd,  Chongqing Century Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Chongqing HongYu Precision Industry Co., Ltd., DaJiang Industrial Co., Ltd., Chongqing HuiNengBiao General Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Geology and Mineral Resources Institute, Chongqing Urban Sewage Alliance, HuaYi Group, etc.

Concurrent Events in varied colourful splendour, industry experts bring intense collision of ideas.

Combined closely with the conference and exhibition has always been a major bright spot for Chongqing International Surface Finishing Exhibition. There are many professional meeting & BBS held on the same period in the exhibition! Such as Chongqing International Surface Engineering Technology Forum 2018, Chongqing (China) Automotive Surface Engineering and Anti-corrosion Technology Seminar 2018, Chongqing (China) Electroplating and Coating Environmental Protection Technology Seminar 2018, The Fourth Si Chuan Surface Engineering Technology Communication Meeting, Investigation Mission to Southwest China Surface Finishing Market, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Comprehensive Treatment Seminar, Surface Finishing New Products & Technology Promotion Conference 2018, etc. Photo show it all!

The deadline at this moment, the exhibition had already concluded successfully. However, editor still excited when he came back to see the scene photos!

Don’t be worry!

We will meet again on 2019!!!

We believe through the support of government, authoritative industry association, industry people and under the joint efforts of professional exhibitions by Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd and Chongqing Zhijian Exhibition Co.,Ltd., the Chongqing/Guangzhou International Surface Finishing Exhibition and Chongqing International Environmental Protection Exhibition will become more exciting and perfect in next time.

Date on 2019! We will meet again!!!

Thanks for your attention and share

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May, 2019

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