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Meet you at the most influential surface finishing industry event in Southern China of 2019


The 13th Guangzhou International Surface Finishing, Industrial Paint and Coatings Exhibition will be held in Poly World Trade Center on May 21-23, 2019. The scale is estimated to reach 20,000sqm. More than 300 domestic and overseas enterprises will come to exhibit, including WAGNER, ABB, Gema, Chemetall, PAT, Parker Engineering, UYEMURA, Helm Hellas SA, New Fortune, Potencer, Ching Feng, Mengde, Pentatomic, XIN LI GUANG, NIPPON, TONSON etc. 

The exhibits cover the latest technologies and products such as paint & coating line, industrial coatings, powder coatings, coating equipment and accessories, electroplating equipment and raw materials, finished products of industrial coatings, coating intelligent manufacturing, electroplating waste water treatment, electroplating and coating waste gas treatment etc. 

It will be the biggest and most influential surface finishing, paint and coating industry event of 2019 in South China. In the meantime, concurrent events are essential, including but not limited to The Fifth International Summit on Surface Finishing Industry Development, 2019 China (Guangzhou) Automotive Surface Engineering & Anti-corrosion Technology Seminar, 2019 Asia-Pacific Powder Paint & Coatings Application Technology Summit.

SF EXPO has been approved by UFI since 2012 and audited strictly by UFI annually. In Nov. 2018, SF EXPO won the "the most valuable brand of exhibition" honor of the 2018 Golden Finger Award of China Event Industry.


Supported by authoritative associations, gaining rich industry resources for SF EXPO

SF EXPO is organized by China Electroplating Association, China Surface Engineering Association Printing of Branch, Guangdong Coating Industry Association, and supported by Hong Kong Surface Finishing Society, Italian Association of Metal Finishing, Singapore Surface Engineering Association and Metal Finishers' Association of India. Downstream associations resources are utilized on concurrent events, publicity and visitors organizing. And concurrent events and exhibition complement each other, which will gather senior industry experts, engineers, corporate decision-maker to the grand meeting.

Up until now, overseas and domestic exhibition promotion has been fully launched. As for the overseas promotion, we have cooperated with MFN, IPCM, Ore and Metals, Pitture E Vernici-European Coatings, Surtech Korea and THE PAINT & FINISHING NEWS etc., promoting SF EXPO by email, linkdin, facebook, magazine ad, website banner and so on. Through efficient promotion, more people and industry users  begin to know and focus on the event.

As for the domestic publicity, we combine traditional and innovative ways, online and offline channels to promote the exhibition. In addition to advertise on traditional surface finishing magazines and websites, we also promote the exhibition on wechat and we-media. Up to now, there is more than 10,000 fans follow SF EXPO wechat official account. Besides, exhibition information is accurately and effectively conveyed by industry veteran. Further more, the organizing committee promote SF EXPO 2019 on spot of surface finishing activities and meetings. In the past several months, they had attended 50+ activities, visited 30+ associations and parks, 20+ professional markets. 


Concurrent events promote SF EXPO 2019

The Fifth International Summit on Surface Finishing Industry Development is sponsored by the organizing committee and Hong Kong Surface Finishing Society. Many surface finishing associations leaders and industry experts are invited to make a keynote speech about the surface finishing development trend, environmental protection regulation, safe measures in production and new technology application. Meanwhile, other associations and chambers from Hong Kong are also invited to attend SF EXPO 2019, including Hong Kong Screw and Fastener Council, Hong Kong Foundry Association, The Hong Kong Metals Manufacturers Association, Hong Kong Electro-Plating Merchants Association etc.

2019 China (Guangzhou) Automotive Surface Engineering & Anti-corrosion Technology Seminar focuses on a series of problems such as automotive surface engineering corrosion and protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc. We have invited the main machine factory and parts enterprises, surface finishing processing enterprises and suppliers, industry experts from well-known automobile enterprise like GAS R&D CENER, HONDA, TOYOTA, NISSAN, FOTON, FAW-VAKSWAGEN, JAC, CITIC DICASTAL, HONEYWELL etc. to attend the technology seminar.

2019 Asia-Pacific Powder Paint & Coatings Application Technology Summit will gather powder coatings manufacturers, paint finishing suppliers, pre-treatment and users to discuss a series application problem and solution about powder paint & coatings. A lot of famous enterprises are invited, including Akzo Nobel, Tiger, DuPount, Henkel, Chemetall, ITW GEMA, WAGNER, Five Source of Hangzhou, GALUMINUM GROUP, GREE, HUAWEI etc.

Non-cyanide Electroplating New Process, Technology & Progress Forum will be held on May 22, mainly to show non-cyanide electroplating technology and the latest developing trends. About 200 people are planning to attend the forum. In recent years, with more and more stringent policy on electroplating, non-cyanide technology develops very fast because of the industry rigid demand.

SF EXPO is based in the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province where is the most important manufacturing base for automobile & parts, home appliance, digital products, IT, electronics, hardware, sanitary products, plastics, aluminum products etc. And surface finishing is an important part of industrial manufacturing, so there is a huge market in South China. 

450+ exhibitors and 25,000+ visitors will gather in Poly World Trade Center on May 21-23, 2019. Let’s meet at the most influential surface finishing industry event in Southern China of 2019!


China Electroplating Association

China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch

Guangdong Coating Industry Association

Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. 


Guangdong Electroplating Association

National Association of Surface Finishing

USA Powder Coating Institute

Korea Plating Industry Cooperative

Singapore Surface Engineering Association

Metal Finishers' Association of India

Brazilian Surface Finishing Association

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