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[EXHIBITOR] Shenzhen S-King Green Technology Co.,Ltd.


Shenzhen S-King Green Technology Co.,Ltd. 

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Company Profile

Shenzhen S-King Green Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in September 2014. It has a team of high-tech, engineers, doctor and master's degree, which is led by Professor Chen Fuming of New Energy and Environmental Protection Technology Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen. It has rich experience and strong scientific research and innovation ability. In recent years, long-term persistent research and improvement have been carried out on the projects of "research on recycling technology of electroless nickel plating waste liquor", "research on recycling and on-line reuse technology of tin stripping waste liquor", "research on ultra-trace gold recycling technology". The aim of "innovation leading, thick accumulation and thin hair" is to promote the maturity and perfection of technology and to make the dress more professional. Customer service.

The company committed to technological innovation, joined the Shenzhen Circuit Board Industry Association, Shenzhen Environmental Protection Industry Association and Guangdong Province Environmental Protection Industry Association member units, with outstanding enterprises to maintain exchanges and cooperation. We uphold the "responsibility, enterprising, service" spirit, in order to implement the country's "Water Ten" and the most stringent environmental protection law enforcement, Shiqing Environmental Protection Department with you to do a good job of social responsibility, protect the mountains and green waters, love beautiful homes.


ECRM: Quick treatment equipment of nickel waste liquid


Catalytic micro electrodeposition rapid deposition reactor (eCRM) is an on-line chemical nickel waste liquid (chemical nickel aging liquid) treatment equipment technology, which has been fully developed by  Shenzhen S-King Green Technology Co.,Ltd. for 10 years and has been updated to the fifth generation. The core of the technology is to realize the on-line treatment of chemical nickel waste liquid through the effective combination of the application of classical electrochemical theory and high-efficiency electrolysis technology and equipment. With the characteristics of "low cost, fast deposition, easy management and high efficiency", the technology can directly and quickly deposit nickel metal without sludge and secondary pollution.

SK-701   Acid regenerant


The regeneration agent for acid purification SK-701 is to flocculate the metal cations generated in the acid tank, and then remove the metal cations in the acid by cooperating with the filter, release the acid radical (anion), purify the acid solution, so as to prolong the pickling effect and reduce the discharge of waste acid.

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