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Founded in 1989 in Taiwan Taipei,Ching Feng Precision Chemicals Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of metal surface pre-treatment agent. The products are widely used in automobile,engineering machinery, bicycle, 3C electrical appliances and office furniture and other products. The company has the ISO9001,TS16949 and QC80000 quality system certification, and received the 2007~2017 China surface treatment industry best pre-treatment suppliers. It will provide more products and excellent service for customers.


Si-Zr compound conversion agent


Sizir series silicon zirconium composite phosphorus free conversion agent can form nano scale silicon zirconium composite film on the metal surface, which has the functions of enhancing coating adhesion and corrosion resistance. It can deal with a variety of metals such as steel parts, galvanized parts and aluminum parts.

1. It does not contain heavy metals such as phosphorus, nickel and chromium, so as to reduce the burden of wastewater treatment and environment.

2. There is no need for nitrite accelerant to avoid the harm to human body.

3. It can be used at room temperature to save energy.

4. Easy to use and control.

Environmentally friendly paint stripper


Environment friendly paint stripper is a hydrocarbon paint stripper without dichloromethane. It is suitable for stripping the coating layer on metal and plastic surfaces. It can give play to the stripping effect in a short time without damaging the material surface.

1. No toxic solvents such as dichloromethane (haloalkanes), phenol, benzene, etc

2. It is suitable for stripping the surface coating of metal and plastic materials.

3. The stripping speed is fast, and the coating layer can be stripped in about 2 ~ 10 minutes.

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