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[EXHIBITOR] Beijing Savemation Technology Co.,Ltd.
SF EXPO 2021


Beijing Savemation Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Company Profile

Beijing Savemation Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing, director of China Energy Conservation Association, member of China Heat Treatment Industry Association, and a typical representative of "Doctor Economy" in China. SMT furnace temperature tracker is the first choice to replace the imported furnace temperature tracker. It is suitable for baking and curing of coatings in various ovens and drying channels. It enters the furnace together with the workpiece and records the temperature curve of workpiece and furnace gas. The furnace temperature tracker has the characteristics of small volume, stable performance, simple operation and good heat insulation performance. It is a necessary instrument for improvement and optimization of coating process and quality assurance. The products have been successfully applied in many other powder coatings enterprises at home and abroad like Axalta, Aiyue, Huaguang, Meijia, Nippon, Huacai, Huajiang, Wan'an, Qingtian, Jiangmen Huangzhou, Wanshun powder, Wanfeng, Gree, Midea and so on.


Temperature Tracker  SMT-4


Model: SMT - 4
Channels: 4
Sampling period: 1s,2s, etc
Operating temperature: 300℃ for 1 hour
Temperature sensing: K type thermocouple
There are paste, clip type, magnet optional

Wireless TemperatureTracker 



Model: SMT - X7-4 m - 300 - K
Channels: 7
Sampling period: 1s,2s,5s, etc
Operating temperature: 300℃ for 1 hour,200℃ for 2 hours.
Temperature sensing: K type thermocouple
There are paste, clip type, magnet optional

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