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[EXHIBITOR] Chongqing Zhilun Electroplating Co.LTD
SF EXPO 2021


Chongqing Zhilun Electroplating Co.LTD

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Company Profile

Chongqing Zhilun Electroplating Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Zhilun") was approved by Chongqing Park Office in 2006 to carry out park planning and construction (Chongqing Park Leading Group [2006] No. 1).

The company is located in the north of Youting Town, Dazu District, which is an industrial park of electroplating processing enterprises. With a total planning area of 4.13km2 and a phase I planning area of 1.85km2, it is the "cradle" of China's heavy vehicle industry. With the rapid development of automobile manufacturing, hardware processing, equipment manufacturing, circular economy and other industries in the region, the largest electroplating and pickling centralized processing zone in Southwest China has been built.

The company has built more than 40000 square meters of electroplating workshop, 4000 square meters of office space, one electroplating wastewater treatment station which is used advanced wastewater treatment technology. more than 40 enterprises of electronic information, auto parts manufacturing, hardware electroplating processing have settled in the park. There are 7 standard workshops in the park, each of which has three floors, 8 meters on the first floor, 6 meters on the second floor and 6 meters on the third floor. The area of each floor of buildings 1-6 is 2419 square meters, and the area of each floor of building 7  is 1664 square meters. Each building is equipped with two freight elevators. The traffic in the park is smooth, and the management, production and logistics of the whole plant are reasonably arranged.

The company provides security services in the park, including 24-hour guard, patrol, monitoring, fire safety and vehicle release. The park's overall greening services include all-round cleaning of public places, garbage removal, disinfection and pest control, and greening maintenance.

The park introduces supporting machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. to provide "personal" services for the settled enterprises, so as to provide all-round, all-weather and whole process services for the enterprises, and assist the enterprises in handling from settled to business manufacturing, EIA and other services.

Overall rendering of the park

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Sewage Treatment Station

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  • Laboratory

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Contact Information

Address: No.10, Jianchang Road, Youting Town, Shuangqiao Economic Development Zone, Dazu District, Chongqing

Tel: 023-43463961

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