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[EXHIBITOR] Dongguan Jushun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
SF EXPO 2021


Dongguan Jushun Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Dongguan Jushun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the R & D and application of environmental protection materials. It implements (pollution prevention, hazard elimination, and resource utilization) in the R & D products, and actively promotes environmental protection resources and energy conservation and emission reduction

In 2013, the "zero pollution emission ecological recycling method" Experimental Center was introduced, focusing on the research and development of environmental friendly bio recycling process materials for metal surface cleaning industry. The purpose of this material is to improve the environmental protection process of metal surface pre-treatment and the feasible production plan. For the original traditional process, it only needs to change the original traditional treatment agent into jushun environmental protection treatment agent for a little adjustment, without adding any equipment. In this way, the environmental protection treatment operation requirements can be achieved, and the comprehensive cost of metal surface pretreatment can be reduced by 20% - 30%, so as to help customers realize the promotion of product value and upgrade into a green enterprise.

The company's products are widely used in hardware electroplating, electrophoresis, automotive spraying, hardware and bracket spraying, lamps, hardware accessories, electronics and other industries. Jushun technology adheres to the concept of "honest management, self innovation, pioneering" and strives to realize and ensure ecological safety. All products have passed the ROHS certification of SGS company. We are looking forward to realizing the dream of taking off with you on the road of continuous development of the enterprise.


Graphene film former

Graphene film-forming agent is a new type of environmental protection film-forming agent with high performance and low energy consumption, which can replace ceramic, silane and phosphating. The film has excellent corrosion resistance, impact resistance and can significantly improve the adhesion of the coating. There is no need to heat the tank liquid and no sediment. The film-forming agent does not contain inorganic phosphorus, zinc, calcium, nickel, manganese, chromium and other elements, does not contain carcinogens such as nitrate and nitrite, and its waste liquid can be discharged after single neutralization treatment.

New environment friendly paint remover

Environmental paint remover is a kind of liquid synthesized by solvent with high solubility, which has strong ability to dissolve paint film at room temperature, fast speed and high efficiency. It overcomes the shortcomings of incomplete traditional paint removal, does not damage the substrate, does not damage the skin (can be tailored according to product requirements), and is widely used in paint removal and powder removal of zinc aluminum alloy, stainless steel, plastic products, copper alloy, magnesium alloy substrate.


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