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[EXHIBITOR] Shanghai Shanxin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd
SF EXPO 2021


Shanghai Shanxin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd

Booth No. 1638

Company Profile

Founded in 2008, Shanghai Shanxin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating surface treatment fine chemicals research and development, production, sales and service. The products are widely used in the field of automobile parts, electronic components, standard parts, non-standard parts, hardware accessories and industrial cleaning.


Pretreatment intermediates

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1. It is widely used in all kinds of oil stains of any material.

2. The products are suitable for rolling and hanging plating process. Beside it can achieve ideal oil removal effect in soaking, barrel rolling, ultrasonic, electrolysis and other cleaning processes, 

3. This product is no phosphorus solution, no oil slick, environmental protection and economy.

4. Its strong and durable penetration emulsification ability, long service cycle.

Zinc acid intermediate

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1. High current efficiency, fine coating, strong luster, excellent flexibility, 20-30 μ m, no brittleness, high corrosion resistance.

2. High quality coatings can be made on the surface of common steel, cast iron, high carbon steel and quenched standard parts.

3. Excellent resistance to iron impurities, temperature and high salt, decomposed less, stable, general purpose of rolling and hanging.

Alkali zinc intermediate

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1. It has good dispersing ability, fine and uniform coating, excellent adhesion and softness, no brittleness, and obvious zinc consumption saving.

2. Wide current range, easy operation, good deep plating ability, excellent baking resistance, no foaming.

3. It is suitable for roll plating, hanging plating, decorative and functional plating.

Galvanizing passivating agent intermediate

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1. Trivalent chromium environmental passivation process instead of hexavalent chromium.

2. Universal type, suitable for manual and automatic passivation operation of acid and Alkali Zinc rolling and hanging plating process.

3. No sodium nitrate, ultra-low ammonia nitrogen value.

4. Containing metal impurity inhibitor, high impurity tolerance, long service life of liquid medicine.

Galvanizing sealant intermediate

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1. The sealing layer has high hardness, wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance.

2, good leveling, no flow printing.

3. Depending on different salt spray requirements, you can choose a wide range of working liquid concentration, which can be flexibly selected in the range of 10%-100%.


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