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[EXHIBITOR] Dongguan Hao Sheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
SF EXPO 2021


Dongguan Hao Sheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Dongguan Hao Sheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Sheng Han) was established in 2005, is a research and development, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and service in one of the senior business. Production and operation of painting robot 1-6 axis reciprocating automatic spraying machine, spraying machine up and down the inner wall, non-standard spray equipment, clean painting equipment package automatically, manually clean painting equipment, various types of assembly and assembly lines and other non-standard automation equipment. The company headquarters is located in the economic, transportation, information developed Town, Dongguan City, have set up branches in east, southwest and other places. It has more than ten years of design, production experience in automation equipment and installation services. Through continuous efforts, now we have a first-class technical team and a good service for our new and old customers by the praise ...


Six axis robot


Six axis robot:

Used for spraying, transferring and transporting.

Its model:




It is suitable for all kinds of special-shaped and complex workpieces, 360 degree non dead angle spraying. Such as: toys, auto parts, home appliances and other types of plastic hardware spraying, transplanting.

Six axis spraying reciprocating machine


Six axis reciprocating machine: the robot control system is used to realize circular interpolation, linear interpolation, inclined plane interpolation, painting, inching spraying and other functions.

Scope of application: for single round and complex surface spraying, such as car interior and exterior trim (door handle, rear-view mirror, tail, grille, armrest box, central control), air conditioner (hanging case, cabinet panel), washing machine panel, shell, motorcycle accessories. Furniture, sports equipment, etc.


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