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[EXHIBITOR] Wanxiang Newu Beryl (Tianjin) Technology Co., LTD
SF EXPO 2021

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 Wanxiang Newu Beryl (Tianjin) Technology Co., LTD

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Company Profile

Wanxiang Newu Beryl (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., subordinate to Wanxiang Newu Technology Co., Ltd., is a modern enterprise specializing in the design and production of electroplating equipment, environmental protection equipment, printed board equipment and all kinds of intelligent equipment. It integrates the design, manufacturing, sales and service of relevant auxiliary equipment in the industry. Besides, it has strong research and production depth and a wide range of business fields.

Since its establishment in September 1999, the company has built more than 230 modern automatic lines.

The company is determined to forge ahead and innovate continuously. On the premise of ensuring the advantages of traditional technology, it has made outstanding achievements in energy conservation and environmental protection, cleaner production and intelligent control, obtained dozens of national invention patents, and developed a new national patented exhaust system, saving energy consumption by more than 50% on the basis of ensuring production capacity and cleaner production.

At the same time, a new generation of intelligent control system for electroplating production line has been developed, which surpasses the imported special equipment in terms of equipment and facility configuration, process layout, parameter detection, program control and data management, and is in a leading position in the world.

Beryl will continue to be committed to the production and R & D of high-tech intelligent manufacturing, continue to grow and improve, move towards a new development stage, and continue to provide satisfactory high-quality equipment and services for our customers!


Patented ventilation system for electroplating line

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In order to adapt to the general trend of green environmental protection and meet the requirements of cleaner production, energy conservation and emission reduction, our company has deeply studied the exhaust system of electroplating line and launched the newly developed new patented ventilation system. The system can fully meet the environmental protection requirements such as cleaner production standard of electroplating industry (HJ / T 314), electroplating pollutant emission standard (GB21900) and comprehensive emission standard of air pollutants (GB16297), and its power consumption is reduced to less than 50% of the original. The new ventilation system has obtained a number of national patents.

1. Intelligent Control Programm

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The new generation intelligent control system of electroplating production line surpasses the imported special equipment in terms of equipment and facility configuration, process layout, parameter detection, program control and data management, and is in a leading position in the world.

Its main advantages: easy operation, good flexibility, high efficiency, fast response to new products, especially in line with the current and future market development trend.

2. Drum speed regulation system

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Because the adoption of PID control for governor, the drum speed in the production process can accurately track the speed set by the upper computer and will not be affected by the change of drum load. The governor has the functions of communication fault alarm, motor stop alarm, drum load too small alarm, drum load too large alarm and so on. It has both automatic and manual functions.

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