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[EXHIBITOR] Suzhou Kataili Environmental Protection Energy Co., LTD
SF EXPO 2021


Suzhou Kataili Environmental Protection Energy Co., LTD

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Company Profile

Suzhou Kataili Environmental Protection Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kataili) is located in the National University Science and Technology Park of Suzhou University. It focuses on the equipment R & D and production in the fields of surface coating curing, food and grain drying and space heating. It has the world's advanced gas catalytic infrared technology and the overall equipment solution of the industry. The equipment produced by Kataili includes space heating equipment (small sun), single-layer belt infrared dryer, multi-layer belt infrared dryer, hanging infrared baking lamp, industrial coating curing production equipment (line), automobile painting infrared baking lamp series and customized baking equipment. Kataili has a first-class R & D and production team, including 20 R & D personnel with master's degree or above, most of whom have rich industry experience. In addition, Kataili has carried out school enterprise scientific research cooperation with colleges and universities such as Beijing University of technology and Zhejiang University to continuously improve the competitiveness of enterprises and products. So far, cartieri has obtained more than 30 patents and won the title of "Jiangsu private science and technology enterprise" "Leading talent of Jiangsu hi tech entrepreneurship" and other honorary titles.


1. Gas catalyzed infrared luminescent plate


• generate 3 ~ 10 micron infrared, corresponding to the high absorption band of coating and water;

• obtain European EX certification and CE safety certification;

• the heating speed is fast, and it takes only 8 minutes from Startup to uniform luminescence;

• uniform lighting, and the temperature difference of the whole panel shall not exceed 30 ° C;

• long service life, with a theoretical value of 50000 hours and a warranty of 5 years;

• the luminous panel and PT100 temperature measurement module can work in the environment up to 300 ℃ for a long time;

• high manufacturing process, stainless steel shell, durable and reflective effect.

2. Gas catalytic infrared drying equipment


• fast coating curing speed - 3 ~ 5 times efficiency;

• obvious energy saving of equipment - energy saving of 30% ~ 50%;

• high coating curing quality - high adhesion and high color value;

• high equipment safety performance - Flameless explosion-proof;

• long equipment life and low maintenance cost - 20 years;

• environmental protection of equipment - no CO and NOx;

• the equipment covers a small area - 1 / 4 hot air drying channel.

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