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[EXHIBITOR] Friends Help Painting Equipment Shenzhen Co., Ltd.
SF EXPO 2021

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Friends Help Painting Equipment Shenzhen Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Friends help painting equipment Shenzhen Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in spraying equipment. Professional manufacturing DISK electrostatic painting machine, five-axis reciprocating machine, sales as: DISK atomizer motor, atomizing disk, gear pumps, electrostatic generator, install touch-screen control box, manufacturing XY axis reciprocating machine, lifting reciprocating machines, automatic reciprocating spray machines and DISK coating machine related accessories.

Friends help painting equipment company after eleven years of unremitting efforts, in omega developed electrostatic paint manufacturing technology imported from France electrostatic paint industry is the most advanced technology, production of new DISK disk-type electrostatic sprayer equipped with its internal Maglev turbine designed to spray high solid content, and metallic paint coating, such as hardware, household appliances, lighting, DVD case, cabinet and other customers need to spray waterborne paints and solvent-based coatings can be carried out electrostatic spraying, can achieve good spray effect. I am using the new high-speed rotary spray disc, wide range of applications, suitable for spraying all kinds of metal, wooden furniture, household appliances and other products.


Electrostatic furniture automatic painting machinery and equipment

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We are specializing in the production of electrostatic coating and spraying machine, with painting rate about 93%. Saving paint is the biggest feature of Friends Help painting machine. The pneumatic motor adopts double turbines with a speed of 0-60000 rpm. The new disk electrostatic coating machine is especially suitable for spraying workpieces with complex processes and grooved surfaces. The electrostatic spraying machine produced by Taiwan Friends Help company is exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asian countries with reliable quality, The economic benefits brought to customers have been unanimously recognized by the public.

DISK Automatic electrostatic coating machine

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DISK electrostatic spraying equipment and automatic spraying machine are mainly applicable to wood, furniture industry, crib, dining table and chair, photo frame, wooden clothes hanger, musical instrument, hardware pipe, metal furniture, sports equipment, bicycle, toy, auto parts, pen metal, metal shell, plastic shell painting and varnish spraying, hardware products, handicrafts, building materials and leisure products, Medical equipment and other industries, specializing in manufacturing disk electrostatic spraying equipment.


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