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[EXHIBITOR] Guangzhou Zhengli Metal Surface Treatment Co., LTD
SF EXPO 2021

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Guangzhou Zhengli Metal Surface Treatment Co., LTD

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Company Profile

Guangzhou Zhengli Metal Surface Treatment Agent Co., Ltd., established in Panyu District, Guangzhou in 2001, is a high-tech enterprise integrating chemical scientific research, development, production, sales and service. After 19 years of development, our customers have covered more than 20 provinces and cities in China. Our products are widely used in automobile parts, elevator parts, electromechanical equipment, precision hardware, medical devices, plastic electronics, building decoration materials, household appliances and other industries.

Zhengli has always been adhering to the customer for the business philosophy, to provide quality products at the same time, data collection and data sorting by professional and technical personnel, for every customer to tailor a coating field management and training operation manual before treatment, and necessary before the production process of sign, to provide customers not regular professional site operation guidance and training, Set up customer complaint hotline, timely and efficient solution to customer's problem in use.


Aluminum basic degreasing - chromium-free passivation process

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[Process Description]

Aluminum alkaline degreasing chromium free passivation process is a new aluminum treatment process, which replaces the original aluminum acid removal process containing fluorine and strong acid. It is widely used in the surface pretreatment of various aluminum processes such as electrostatic plastic spraying, liquid coating and electrophoretic coating. It has less pollution to water body and is an environmentally friendly treatment agent, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.

[Scope of Application]

It is applicable to the coating pretreatment process of various aluminum materials, including soaking line, spraying line and vertical line.

Slag free phosphating agent

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[Product Description]

Slag free phosphating agent is a new type of phosphating treatment agent. It is used together with accelerator in production and does not produce sediment in the process. The slag free phosphating agent also has the function of improving the uniformity and corrosion resistance of metal phosphating film

[Scope of Application]

It is widely used in spraying, swimming and soaking processes of all kinds of steel workpieces.


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