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Mechanical Finishing of Stainless Steel

As the demand for fabricating higher-value materials increases, a three-step process will guide operators through the fastest, most cost-effective way to achieving customers' requirements.

In North America, the use of stainless steel continues to grow in popularity, due to its many advantages for consumer and industrial products. Architects, engineers and contractors increasingly specify stainless steel for use in construction, appliances, food processing equipment and the medical field. As stainless steel usage grows, proficiency in finishing stainless will take on increased importance.

For fabricators, the ability to fabricate and finish stainless steel products, may increase business and improve profitability. The most effective fabricators follow a three-step process for stainless steel finishing projects. The first step is to work with the customer to define and document the finish required for the project. In the next step, the fabricator must choose the correct abrasives and power tools to be used on the job to achieve the required finish. Finally, the fabricators must create and execute the mechanical finishing process plan in order to complete the project and satisfy the customer.

Once the customer and fabricator have defined the material finish and weld treatment, a sample swatch can be created to use as reference. The sample swatch can be as simple as two pieces of stainless steel square tubing welded together and finished per the aforementioned specifications.

For mechanical finishing of stainless steel, discs and belts are the most popular abrasive mediums. Abrasive discs are used most often for weld treatment; belts are used for material surface treatment. The notable exception is the Dynafile, small portable belts for treating welds in hard to reach locations.



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